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The Services I Offer

Education, Knowledge and Awareness are key in understanding Coercive Control
A presentation at the office

Empowering Educators and Individuals to Break The Cycle and Spread Awareness of Coercive Control.

CPD Accredited Training Course Breaking the Cycle: Learning how to Recognise and Respond to Coercive Control. Helping Schools, Businesses, and Workplaces to have a better understanding of coercive control in order to help and support those being subjected to this type of abuse.

Transform Your School’s Culture with Our Coercive Control Curriculum. 

Coercive Control Curriculum available for purchase by schools, locally, nationally, and globally to enhance teacher-student knowledge and the complexities of coercive control. Education is the key to supporting teachers and students on coercive control.

Modern Classroom

Expert Speaking on Coercive Control. Changing the Narrative

Speaking Hire Service available to services in person or via Zoom on and around coercive control in order to change the narrative and enhance knowledge and understanding on Coercive Control.

Ways you can work with me...

I offer 1:1 Coaching Sessions or Public Speaking. For both please schedule a 30 Minute Virtual Chat to talk further about your requirements.

Chat With Me

Chat With Me

Ready to unlock a life of freedom, empowerment, and strength?


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Public Speaking

Looking forward to speaking at your event, whether it's a school workshop or group training on Coercive Control. Let's schedule a 15-minute Chat to discuss collaboration!

"Once we begin to understand the power of our thought, we can shift our focus and begin to create the life we choose."

Book A Virtual With Lis

Book A Virtual Coffee With Lis!

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