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I'm so pleased to meet you! 


As a teacher by profession, speaking and teaching large groups has always been a passion of mine. Having had the opportunity to teach in the Humanities Department which entailed, History, Geography and RE at Key Stage 3. I also taught Health and Social Care and Psychology at GCSE in both independent and mainstream schools.

In October 2020 I shared my story and transformational Journey for Arbonne
International under Region Darby on Transformation and Personal

I was invited to share ‘My Story’ for UNTOLD Podcast On Coercive control.

I am the Author of ‘Break Free’ A Transformational Journey and Paradigm shift
out of Coercive Control. I am also a Certified Speaker, that is open to speaking
and training opportunities on Coercive Control Awareness.

I offer both 1:1 Coaching for Women and Men who are survivors of CC and also available for Public Speaking Seminars on abusive relationships.

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Ways you can work with me...

I offer 1:1 Coaching Sessions or Public Speaking. For both please schedule a 30 Minute Virtual Chat to talk further about your requirements.


1:1 Coaching  

It's easy...


You want to move forwards...but you are not sure how...


You want someone to coach and guide you through to the next stage of your life...your life of FREEDOM, EMPOWERMENT, STRENGTH...


All you have to do is click that button and schedule a Virtual Coffee Chat... 


Public Speaking  

I would LOVE to come and speak at your event be that either a small workshop within a school, or group training on Coercive Control which can include seminars of all types of Professionals and Industry Experts.


Let's book in a 15 minute Chat to see how we can work together!



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