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Meet Lis...

Expert Speaker in Coercive Control. CPD Accredited Trainer for Coercive Control. Curriculum Planner for Schools and Author of ‘Break Free’ and Co-Parenting Within Coercive Control.

My Story

For many years I was confused as to what type of relationship I was in. I grew up thinking that an abusive relationship, was only concerned with whether or not you had experienced physical violence, and if there were no signs of such events it was impossible for this to be considered as abusive.


In my late teenage years this perception of an abusive relationship, in my mind held strong, because I never thought as myself as being weak (another controversial stereotype of what I perceived a woman to be if they are in an abusive relationship and remained). So my perception had a great disadvantage in my awareness of my experience. Therefore, the complexities of such a relationship were difficult to conceive as my lived experience.

It wasn’t until I started to speak out about it and have other people’s reactions that I decided to seek help and support, when the laws came into effect regarding Coercive control and its definition, I realized straight away what type of relationship I was in.

My subconscious beliefs or better still my subconscious programming gave me permission to ignore the warning signs of my abusive relationship. To not realize what was happening to me, incrementally for nearly two decades.

By the time I decided to leave my relationship, I felt as though I just existed. I would always justify my experiences as ‘things are not that bad’ the very fact that I even felt this way showed early warning signs, but again these were ignored...

About Lis Hoyte

"Let's take the time to focus on our purpose. For, what we focus on will begin to show up in our lives."

Ways you can work with me...

I offer 1:1 Coaching Sessions or Public Speaking. For both please schedule a 30 Minute Virtual Chat to talk further about your requirements.

Chat With Me

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Public Speaking

Looking forward to speaking at your event, whether it's a school workshop or group training on Coercive Control. Let's schedule a 15-minute Chat to discuss collaboration!

What My Clients are Saying

Working at home

Lis supported me through a very difficult and dark time in my relationship. She helped when I couldn't see a way out, and provided support that shaped my confidence, and built up a stronger version of me that was able to move through this. I found her coaching bought out things I hadn't thought of before. You can really feel the depth and strength of this lady when you meet her!

- Beki Eakins

Though I am not breaking free from a coercive controlling relationship.

Lis has supported me through the last months of lockdown with care and compassion. She uses a soft touch yet invites me to reflect on what I'm doing in an effective way. Lis is supportive and a safe haven for those stuck in controlling relationships. 

- Tommy Carr

Lis has helped in ways she will never understand...she talks through everything and lets you step up into your own Power...anyone that is or has left an abusive situation needs Lis in their Life!

Thanks Lis!

- Leanne W.

Lis Hoyte

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My Final Message!!

Everything that you want to succeed in your life is already within you, and it is
already yours!!

Much Love Lis xx

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