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 Pain, Break Free, Purpose!!!

Break Free Book Cover.

I decided to write this eBook to briefly show my lived experience, and the things that I come to know based on being in a coercive controlling relationship for 18 years. I have laid out what worked for me in the hope that many of you can yourselves begin to internalise the importance of the Inner Game, meaning that who you are and how you feel is the single most important mission that you could ever embark on in your life. It is about conscious awareness of and paying attention to how you feel as your indicator in order to make choices and decisions in your life.

Again I briefly give you examples of my lived experience within a coercive
controlling relationship and some transition steps that helped me to overcome the battle I faced within myself and how I began to change my mind-set and build on my confidence in order to make changes. My first book will be available for purchase on Amazon in the Summer 2021.


The lessons I have learned about being consciously aware of how my own paradigms kept me stuck is of great value as when we have conscious awareness of our behaviour it puts us in place of empowerment to shift our mind set, beliefs and perceptions.

1:1 Coaching Program

I appreciate how hard it is to reach out for help and support especially if you are unsure of your own thoughts and feelings. 

But what I can say, is if you resonate with my story, this is a good place to start if you feel comfortable with that. 


looking forward to meeting you Virtually for a friendly chat!! 

Lis Hoyte - Coaching Program
Lis Hoyte - Public Speaking

Public Speaking

As a Certified Public Speaker my vision of speaking on the global stage is to spread awareness on coercive control but bringing to the forefront the inadequacies that exist within the framework of law enforcement at all levels.


Feel free to book a 15 minute Virtual Coffee Chat to see how we can work together

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