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Lis has a vision to spread awareness of coercive control in order to bridge the gap between Psychological, Emotional abuse and Physical abuse.  

Meet Lis!

Author, Certified Speaker, Life Coach and consultant specialising in Coercive Control.

Empowering Women and Men to Break Free from Coercive Controlling Relationships.


Lis helps Women and Men to 'Break Free' from Coercive Controlling relationships. Lis's beliefs from her own experience are focused on realising your own 'Power' with less focus on the perpetrators actions which can ultimately 'keep us' stuck. 

After experiencing this type of abuse for nearly 2 decades Lis wants to spread awareness of coercive control on different platforms in order to create new beginnings and build new models to support those experiencing this type of abuse. 

In order for Lis to be in better position to make this happen she became a certificated speaker in May 2021.

Lis's book 'A Transformational Journey and Paradigm shift out of coercive control' is now available on Amazon and Waterstones.

Available on Amazon

 When you cleanse your subconscious beliefs you begin to attract who you are!!

Consciousness Awareness 





   Speaking           Hire

Click HERE to Hire Lis, for speaking events via Calendly.


Lis is available for speaking events at schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement agencies,  social services, refuges for domestic abuse.   

Click HERE to listen to Lis' Talk at the World Coaching and Leadership Summit on 10th May 2021

'A Decision can shift a Paradigm'

Lis supported me through a very difficult and dark time in my relationship. She helped when I couldn't see a way out, and provided support that shaped my confidence, and built up a stronger version of me that was able to move through this. I found her coaching bought out things I hadn't thought of before. You can really feel the depth and strength of this lady when you meet her!

- Beki Eakins

Though I am not breaking free from a coercive controlling relationship.

Lis has supported me through the last months of lockdown with care and compassion. She uses a soft touch yet invites me to reflect on what I'm doing in an effective way. Lis is supportive and a safe haven for those stuck in controlling relationships. 

- Tommy Carr

Lis has helped in ways she will never understand...she talks through everything and lets you step up into your own Power...anyone that is or has left an abusive situation needs Lis in their Life!

Thanks Lis!

- Leanne W.

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As Human beings we are the leading edge of creation. We have the ability to shift our focus and allow our emotions to be our guidance system. Once we have the awareness of this we can start to believe that the universe will deliver to us our focus. The Inner Game is the most important game you can win. Once you understand this and have conscious awareness you can start to attract not want you want but who you are. 



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